Light Bulb

As I see the light so bright,

Rushing in through every pore.

Purging evil residing in every site,

I close my eyes to the onslaught more.


When it was dark

I lay alone.

Finding happiness

In things so gore.

When it’s so bright

I am still alone.

Basking in serenity

My own personal shore.


I am still in a chasm,

Though now of peace.

Seeking for alms,

Begging for every piece.


Still I miss

The days so dark.

Every mistake

Cloaked in masks.

As I absolve now

In the light so bright.

Every goal desired

Seems in sight.


Laying now under, the golden hue,

I try to seek in, a tranquil few.

Moments perhaps, to finally mend,

The soul to which, darkness had lent.

Its demeanor to battle,

To destroy every light.

Bend every vassal,

To its all consuming might.

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