Light Bulb

As I see the light so bright,

Rushing in through every pore.

Purging evil residing in every site,

I close my eyes to the onslaught more.


When it was dark

I lay alone.

Finding happiness

In things so gore.

When it’s so bright

I am still alone.

Basking in serenity

My own personal shore.


I am still in a chasm,

Though now of peace.

Seeking for alms,

Begging for every piece.


Still I miss

The days so dark.

Every mistake

Cloaked in masks.

As I absolve now

In the light so bright.

Every goal desired

Seems in sight.


Laying now under, the golden hue,

I try to seek in, a tranquil few.

Moments perhaps, to finally mend,

The soul to which, darkness had lent.

Its demeanor to battle,

To destroy every light.

Bend every vassal,

To its all consuming might.

It’s the criticism and the comments that keep a poet alive, so please oblige me with your opinion. All reviews positive/negative appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation of your valuable critique.


11 thoughts on “Light Bulb

  1. It’s strange how we miss what is no longer there and what may or may not have been good to us or for us..and yet we do. It must be part of the human condition to hold on and it may be the fault of memory or the reward of it.
    This poem, Sahil, takes me this way and that and i like how it demands from me.
    My best to you

    (ps: no apostrophe in that final ‘its’)

    Liked by 1 person

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