Seven Sins


A hurricane strikes;

Thy mind’s fickle forts . . .

Piercing moral barriers; 

Tearing inhibition with wicked strokes . . .

Sucked into the vortex crown;

You willfully pay no heed . . .

Your character’s turrets falling down;

But nothing beats thy mind’s greed . . .

The tornado picks up pace;

With time you sink in disgrace . . .

Lust is what thy folly is;

Adultery written across thy face . . .

Chastity now should be sought;

Perhaps thy can mend thy ways;

The purity now of thy thought;

Can take thee through  lonely days . . .

It’s the criticism and the comments that keep a poet alive, so please oblige me with your opinion. All reviews positive/negative appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation of your valuable critique.


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