Be my Valentine my Dear!

Will you be my Valentine my Dear,

Because your No is what I fear . . .

Every night I dream of you,

You are a boon bestowed on few . . .

Your eyes shimmer in the rainbow’s hue,

Your smile fresh like the morning dew,

Your nature gentle like the softest breeze,

You are a goddess, please cease to tease . . .

You saunter by, like Venus herself,

Your hair so dark, I lose myself . . .

Your skin shines, sweet summer sunset,

You lend my soul, unshakeable strength . . .

You make my day, with  a single word,

I hope my pleas are finally heard . . .

Allay my fears, refresh my heart,

Before my countenance falls apart . . .

O my fair maiden, just grant me a wish,

Into togetherness, Into everlasting bliss . . .

Be my Valentine my Dear,

Because your No is what I fear . . .

It’s the criticism and the comments that keep a poet alive, so please oblige me with your opinion. All reviews positive/negative appreciated.Thanking you in anticipation of your valuable critique.


8 thoughts on “Be my Valentine my Dear!

  1. The style here, Sahil, harks back to earlier days of love poetry and, for me, that is good and refreshing as i feel we left those days too early and poets have become too casual and offhand, almost being afraid to show a loving heart.
    i like this
    My best to you


    • I agree John. In the ‘instant coffee’ generation the attitude is more of shoot first ask questions later. Clothes are shed before you even know your partners full name. The romance that we read in books has kindled away and all that remains is smoke without the heat. Its unfortunate but true. Thank you for your comment and I am glad you liked it. I am also thankful to you for the earlier email where in you pointed out the errors.

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  2. Fascinating topic on sin. Here I drink sin alcohol so I don’t sin! Interesting poetic style. My one poem at present on my blog is about Miss Peony Broteri. But I was inspired by the poet Alice Oswald. Will put more on when not procrastinating in bars with wifi.


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