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The Secrets of the Failure Academy

Well success is easy to achieve isn’t it? With numerous workarounds, guides, quotes, books written on achieving success it is high time someone elucidates the working of failure. Failure in itself is a very vast field of extremes. Ranging from simple failures like not being able to outscore someone at Temple Run, to the ones that give you an extra year at med school to set things right.

Failure is something that universally ties all humanity. Something that reminds us how we all are equal and nowhere close to perfection of immortality. We owe almost all progress and success to those hours spent in contemplating failure and developing strategies to achieve those elusive results. However it’s important to analyze failure, be it simply the inadequacy of effort, to the lack of preparation, to the unavoidable stroke of bad luck or simply being outclassed by a better opponent (don’t worry the failure scales are soon going to be tipped against them too). Failure is something that is truly universal in corporeality.

Society has spent years on ways to devise a workarounds around failure but tends to forget that failures is an institution in itself. Let’s get to intimately know this institution:

  • There are no fees for getting admission.
  • There are no set rules and regulations governing your stay (come any time, stay as long as you want, train in whatever program you want).
  • There are no academic or intellectual fees (you can even sit back and bask in the freedom of idle nothingness that failure gives you).
  • There are no regular tests, just a final examination that gets you out of the institution.
  • There are courses offered in guilt, regret, non-acceptance, coping strategies or be it a permanent residency in the failure arts. Tougher courses are also offered in dedication, courage, planning, execution and disaster management in everyday enterprise.
  • The failure institution is something unavoidable, sooner or later we are going to find ourselves enrolled there, actually most of us may be in different phases of the admission procedure.

The important thing is that we have to make our education there worthwhile. What matters even more is that can we turn that education into learning and actually apply that to the real world scenarios. Unfortunately failure is an incorrigible institution; there are no shortcuts, no guides, and no hands to hold as you face the unforgiving examiners (pretty much mimics the dreaded college vivas). Ultimately it’s you who have to venture ahead and actually face failure head-on, otherwise there is free entertainment, food, boarding and lodging till you rest and recuperate to have another go at the final examination again and as they say, “try, try again… “, perhaps to succeed and become an alumni of this institution.


14 thoughts on “The Secrets of the Failure Academy

  1. I like the angle of your post and that was something I was going to say about blogging and my experience. Good posts often need that angle or different focus so it makes the reader think. Agree with you about failure and having taught for a long time it is what we all need to deal with if we can’t all have A grades! Am procrastinating on my story writing at present but have lots of excuses!


  2. Interesting take on failure–never thought of it as an institution, but it fits.
    Critique–as far as the site goes, it looks good. you might add an about page–for you or your website or both.
    Also, since you’re looking for ways to improve, try blogging 101 and blogging 201 courses offered by wordpress. I took 201 earlier this year and made a lot of improvements to my blog!



  3. Those are forceful words on failure, the greatest leveller after death. There is so much food for thought in those lines. Let me quote Anne Enright here, “Failure is 90% emotion, 10% self-fulfilling reality, and the fact that we are haunted by it is neither here nor there.”

    A blogging platform is a matter of choice, but you can’t go wrong with WordPress. Perhaps it is costlier choice than others but then that is how most things are in life. I quite like the theme and the fonts, they seem to be a tad larger though, especially the post title. On a side note, and hope you’ll excuse me for saying that, skipping commas and apostrophes are fashionable but it is best not done.

    Wish you the very best in your enterprise. Way to go!

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  4. Thanks for your comment on my post! I agree that as a society we sometimes focus too much on the idea of success but forget that “failure” is also a very subjective thing.
    We can measure “lack of success” as failure. Or we can reframe “failure” as feedback – feedback of how we might be able to do better in the future, or new understanding of our human limits.
    A very optimistic post. Good read! πŸ™‚

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