Abstract Rumblings

Virtual Woes

Life isn’t what it used to be, likes have replaced friendly smiles, pokes have replaced hugs, tagging people is the new way of socializing, birthday wishes now are just another Cntrl-C, Cntrl-V chore. We have amassed 1000’s of friends virtually but lack a real shoulder to hold on to in times of need.
Today we trade moments over wires forgetting the network that craves a personal touch within us. Seriously we have been brought so close that emotional closure today isn’t a possibility. Ramifications of the global village have led to annihilation of our personal place. In this quest for our personal identity in this vast array of 0’s and 1’s we sadly have lost the person that is us…

PS: Just reminiscing, no need to take this seriously for we all are a lost cause in this quest.shutterstock_121706023


10 thoughts on “Virtual Woes

  1. Indeed, we can only take care of our own self-interest and only to a certain degree, help others (if they want that help, depending on the nature of that help).
    “Our inner hankering is for satisfaction, happiness, sweetness, love, beauty and mercy.” Swami B.R.Sridhar maharaja.
    Here is a link to some free online ancient, yet timeless Vedic texts, that may pique your interest. I only give out this link to introspective souls like you. http://vedabase.com/en?gclid=CIfU_JSp-cACFZTLtAod1gQAAw. All the best.


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